Program Dates

June 14 - August 25: Mondays 10am - 4pm and Wednesdays 12:30 am - 5pm 
The summer will include lessons from project team members and community experts; mentorships with community volunteers and teens from the BYP; field trips to visit local gardeners in action; and experiments youth will perform as each develops his or her own gardening practice. 

Sept 6 - Oct 25 Mondays and Wednesdays 3p - 5pm 
As school begins, the program staff will take on more responsibilities in the garden. Tweens will come after school to harvest and learn recipes to share with their families.

Community Events: Third Saturdays of July (26), August (23), and September (20) 3pm - 5pm. 
Once a month, we will have community demonstrations and cook-outs, where the participants can share their knowledge with their community, and where they can work and celebrate with neighbors.

Oct 26 The project ends with the North Braddock Cares Fall Festival on October 26. We will prepare food from the garden, and make a contribution like a popcorn machine or bounce house funded by the income we make through produce sales. 

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