Sunday, July 27, 2014


We suckered the tomatoes today.  Learning that the plant's energy gets divided too much if every stem is allowed to grow and bear fruit.   The fewer the suckers, the bigger each tomato will get.  Pretty exciting to see our baby tomato plants getting flowers and even some tiny tomatoes!

Today we also started our programming games.  Technology aside, the ideas of computer interfacing can be boiled down to a game of telephone.

Next we played a game of "computer" developed by our tech experts Isla Hansen and Dakotah Konicek.  One person played the human, one person played the computer and translated the human's questions and orders into a computer language.  Two people played signals that relayed information from the computer to the sensors and actuators, and finally one person played a moisture sensor, a person operated a hose, a person played a "camera" and a few were planters. We got cucumbers planted and watered, and learned how complicated computers make things while getting to run around and take on very specific jobs. It was surprisingly fun and we got a lot done.

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